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Bush Birthdays - click photo

Bush Birthdays - click photo

We have had a few birthdays lately, and it’s a bit of a tradition that we have homemade birthday cake and morning tea out on the veranda or in the garden to celebrate - it’s an easy way to say ‘we love you and want to celebrate all that you’re about’! 



It was Bella's birthday not long ago, and Nanna's birthday yesterday - so PINK it was! It doesn't matter how old you are, how smart, how independent or strong you are, PINK is awesome. It is a global colour that celebrates woman and girls everywhere! So just rock it ladies...

Our Bush Bunch of flowers was a trio of Pink Geraniums, some Mary Rose and Coral Tree Flowers from an old Coral Tree we found on the edge of the garden. The cushions were from the girls bedroom - the tough linen makes them pretty versatile so they are always a colour add to a birthday party in the garden!  


The birthday cake was an old favourite from The Brief on Beef Cookbook which was coordinated by Carmel Wagstaff in 1999 from AACo's Brunette Downes Station in the Northern Territory. We covered ours in strawberries (special orders from the birthday girl), but the orange icing is pretty awesome too... 


  Easy Orange Cake
1/2 cup milk, 125g margarine, 1 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 1 grated orange rind, juice of 1/2 an orange, 1 1/2 cup self raising flour, 50g melted butter, 1 cup icing sugar.
Mix all ingredients together until smooth and creamy.
Bake in moderate oven.
Mixture doubles well (invite the neighbours).
Mix butter, juice and icing sugar together and ice cake.  




Birthday girls are happy, clean up is easy and even the 'working dogs' ready for an afternoon nap are happy to score any leftovers! 



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it's media madness and there's just as much madness at home - click photo

it's media madness and there's just as much madness at home - click photo

Well I am thrilled to be writing my second blog for Longrass Style. It has taken a little longer to get to you than I had planned, which means we have so much to share and, yes, Longrass is still here and growing every day. For those of you who have been with us from the start of our journey and those who have found us along the way – we want to say thank you all so much. Thank you for the amazing support and positive feedback we have had for our little bush business and for the love of our unique stock we share.

A quick shout out to friend Mel Bethel who captured the madness that has been in one quick campdraft snap - at least I'm wearing a helmet! 

What have we been up to? Well lots, we’ve been talking to ABC NT Rural, the Rural Weekly Newspaper, Territory Drafter Magazine and Graziher magazine… you can see links to the media coverage on our Home page! Very proud! Thanks to everyone who has covered and shared our story.  We had such fun doing a little Pop Up Store in Mt Isa (Queensland) earlier in the year and a big Pop Up Store at the Katherine Show (Northern Territory).  This was a learning experience as we are online our shop floor skills may have been a little rusty but we enjoyed engaging with our customers and it was great to hear how they had been following our story.  What would we do without social media and the press?! Can’t wait for our next pop up, maybe something before Christmas would be great, we have lots of pressie ideas! 

Nanna's nutmeg cake was out to celebrate the Grazhier spread on sisters in business - should we be adding special recipes to our website? This cake is honestly the best thing since sliced bread.. 

What do we have in the ‘Shop’?

Well I am so proud of the collection of natural and many handmade Aussie labels.  I am super obsessed with the gorgeous linen fabrics and prints we have managed to source for you all.  We only offer Aussie made and/or owned clothing and homewares, some of which are made or sold exclusively through Longrass Style.  There are more of these types of collaborations on the way and yes our own label of linen clothing is getting closer but good things come to those who wait. We have had the opportunity to do some in home styling as well this year which we have loved and we welcome any enquires. 

Country homes are practical but lovely practical spaces are our thing.

On a personal note life has been hectic.  We had a great wet season so the cattle station has been flat out mustering and processing cattle and thank goodness we have such a great crew working with us.  Between campdrafts, boarding school visits, school of the air trips and running the businesses I have no idea where the year has gone.  The school holidays have come and gone and now (wow) it’s nearly October.  One of the biggest changes for me has been our eldest finishing school and no longer coming home for school holidays.  “Ouch” that hurts my soul a little when I put it in writing! We’re so proud of him, he’s working his butt of on a QLD cattle station for a great family.  One of my baby girls is starting boarding school this year which means two away at school leaving the last ‘Bella’ home alone.  Christmas is coming and family time with everyone together is definitely on my wish list.

Bella's birthday party at Legune Station! 

Back to Longrass but still on a personal note.  The comments that ladies have so kindly posted on our website in reply to my first blog and our little business have been so lovely.  The connection of two sisters and our little bush business focusing on empowering ladies to feel and look great (and practical) is awesome. We hear you and we will keep it coming.  A post that brought tears was from my 12 year old daughter who had just started boarding school, “I’m so proud and excited to see what was coming”. 

Well everyone this is what it is all about. 

With this in mind Sophie and I are in the process of making some changes and updates to the website that we hope you will all enjoy.  Let us know what you want too; what bugs you about our website? what stock would you like to see? talk to us! We hope this website can be an easy, accessible space for our fabulous ladies, so help us get there :) xxxx

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the first blog... of many.

the first blog... of many.
‘Belinda Rasheed, who is she and why am I reading her blog?’  That’s going through my head - so I can only imagine what you must be thinking.
I spent my childhood in country NSW with a love for family, livestock and the finer things in life. Practicality was never an issue as long as something was beautiful, be it silk dining room curtains or a gold embossed evening gown. Blessed with a wonderful mum and loving grandmothers there were always flowers in the house. Without fail my grandmothers' signature pink lipstick was applied at the correct time, particularly looking lovely for drinks and dinner after working on the property all day.
Boarding school in Sydney gave me a wonderful group of country friends who I regret to say I very rarely see now but often think of fondly. This was a great time in my life and it's funny how now my own children are on the same journey. Upon leaving school I felt the need to head far from what I knew, with friends already up north I ventured to a Northern Territory cattle station.  I ended up in the stockcamp as a Jillaroo at a time when it was't really the done thing (which I loved). This was a fun yet challenging character building experience. From working in Indigenous stock camps to camping out, chasing cows and cooking for the station staff this adventure was long, hard and fabulous.
I met an annoying (and handsome) man that, yes, ended up being my husband and dad to our four crazy kids. Family is my focus. Showing my kids what life can offer them, what they can offer life and how they can work hard for what they want. I am passionate about remote families and how they can contribute positively to society.  We live a unique life in a remote part of the world and I am excited to share this story with you.
Twenty years on we manage a cattle station on the NT/WA border, this has been home now for the past ten years. Other than a full time job on the station I am a full time mum. Our kids are between School of the Air on the station and boarding school interstate. As a family we coordinate multiple community events and run our own small business. These days life is busy.
Longrass Style is a new adventure that I have wanted to do for a while. As the eldest of six children and with family being a focus for me I was excited to start Longrass Style with my sister Sophie.  With Sophie's personal style and training in art theory alongside my love of the beautiful and new appreciation for the practical we make a great pair. We also have the ability to keep each other real.
You’re reading my blog because some cool stuff is going to happen and we want to share this project and our life with you.
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