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Merry Christmas Table


  • Eleanor Cook

    Hi Soph and Belinda
    I was just checking out rural business collective after I saw you post and thought I would share something that got my name out there.
    A lot of the magazine have give away and if you approach them and offer to give a product for there give away prize it gets your name in the magazine without the cost of advertising.
    I got into House and Garden and a couple of other gardening mags all just by doing some home work and sending an email. It didn’t alway get the right person first up but they passed on my email or emailed back with the email address for the person I should contact. Food for thought,hope the business is finding it feet. Cheers Eleanor

  • Jenny Taylor

    Love the table in the paddock and the boab nuts. I am inspired for Christmas lunch now. Thanks girls and keep sharing please.

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