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Written By Belinda Rasheed - December 20 2016


June 22 2017

Girls! This is so exciting! I was also born and raised on a farm, worked and lived through outback NSW but found a new home and love in the Territory… Between shearing sheep, working in the export yards, cattle station and agribusiness at 25 my absolute hardest challenge has been and still is figuring out how to be confidently comfortable in who I am; finding the balance between ringer and lady, with the constant minor (sometimes major) challenge of how to dress in a way that suits me but is also pretty and practical. You women are amazing I hope you have great success and keep encouraging us women… we need it!

Susan Dowling
April 04 2017

Ladies, you have brought to life a wonderful concept! Loving the link you bring between the Sisterhood of the bush, our landscape and style. This is exciting. X

Livy R
March 18 2017

Hey mum! Super proud of you and soph! Can’t wait to see all the clothes and stuff when it’s on the website!
Love you

January 15 2017

Oh so exciting Mrs Babs! I cannot wait for the website / shopping opportunitiies! X

Miss Chardy
December 30 2016

Sorry my message is a bit slow, I did read this blog post when you first wrote it. Love that you are finally sharing your life with us all Babs…. Can’t wait to see everything “Longrassstyle”!!!! Keep those blog posts coming girls, people will love them.

Trish Harding
December 23 2016

Love it girls!! Sending lots of well wishes to this exciting new adventure. I know it will be a great success. Xx Trish. Ps merry festive season

Ella Shannon
December 22 2016

Well done Belinda and Soph, can’t wait to read more and see all the beautiful things you have in store.xx

December 22 2016

Your dream come true ! Very exciting, You made it happen

Alison Rasheed
December 21 2016

Followed the link from Lynette’s facebook feed. Looking forward to following your next chapter! X Ali (& Matt)

Helen Aland
December 21 2016

Belinda it was an honour meeting you at WOW and finding you were talented Sophie’s Sister. I love your video at GYRACC and can’t wait to see what you two come with in 2017 – so excited. (Hope you can make it to Apologies to Roadkill).

December 21 2016

Congrats x can’t wait to read more

Sally Towne
December 21 2016

Congratulations Babs and Soph, love it all, website looks great, good on you!! Exciting times ahead!!!

Lee Irvin
December 21 2016

Congrats Belinda & Sophie with the new venture. With both of you, this will be nothing short of fabulous

Nikki Parkinson
December 21 2016

I’m so excited to read more Belinda! (I met Felicity when speaking at Barkley Women’s Day last month and she just linked to you) x

The Cook Clan
December 21 2016

Looking forward to watching Longrass Style develop and grow.
It will help keep us connected to NT now the South has called the ringer home. The webpage looks fantastic.

Miss Helen
December 21 2016

Congratulations Babs and Sophie on the launch of your new adventure!

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